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Avoid overloading your truck - with the CargoWatch on-board axle load measuring system.

In addition, Pfreundt now offers a new measurement system to determine the axle load of trucks, to avoid overloading. This guarantees greater safety, saves time, reduces costs and avoids considerable fines.

If the loading machines, such as wheel loaders or excavators, are not equipped with scales, the truck can be equipped with the new system, to independently control the loading. Air- and leaf-sprung axles or axle groups can be fitted with the CargoWatch system and controlled.

Retro-fitting is simple and can generally be completed within a day. The measurement error is +/- 1-2% of the maximum total weight of the truck.

Depending on the application, the electronic display has one or two measurement inputs. Depending on the vehicle, air pressure, leaf spring suspension or a combination of both can be evaluated here. In a fixed truck-trailer combination, one channel may be used to measure the semitrailer axle group and the other the drive axle of the tractor unit – to then display the total weight. Partial loads can also be controlled using the tare function.


Optional limit displays (green/yellow/red for outside, or 3 LEDs for inside) are available both in the cabin and on the truck outside to control the loading.

The system can of course also be used for trucks only or trucks with trailers. In the latter case and also in the case of frequently changing truck-trailer combinations, the tractor unit and trailer are generally equipped with their own display and evaluated separately.

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