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The PFREUNDT pSeries wheel loader scales

Benefit from the Know-how of the No. 1 in mobile weighing technology!

The pSeries wheel loader scales combine the know-how of 30 years with the latest reliable technology.

The innovations of the pSeries are exactly tailored to the customers‘ demands for precision, speed, comfort and durability.

pControl – the electronics with the right twist!

he pControl is the comprehensive display and control centre of the latest generation:

        • Initial calibration* without measurement office

        • Calibration to class Y(b) to MID

        • Large, clear colour display

        • Quick and comfortable operation with turn-and-push wheel.

        • Interfaces/data transmission: USB, CAN, GSM, GPRS, WLAN

The innovative turn-and-push wheel for comfortable operation.

pSmart – simply ingenious!

The pSmart is the simple display and control centre with all the basic state-of-the-art weighing functions.

        • Initial calibration without measurement office

        • Calibration to class Y(b) to MID

        • High-constrast and clear display

        • Graphic user guidance (without text)

        • Quick and comfortable operation with function and comfortable operation with function and cursor keys

pBase – the weighing intelligence!

All the weighing-relevant processes of the pSeries are bundled in the pBase.

  • Integrated digital pressure sensor

  • Integrated inclination sensor

  • Optimized weighing

Weighing and master data can be exchanged between scale and PC via USB-Stick, GSM, GPRS or WLAN.

more information about pSeriesĀ»

By the ways, we offer the pSeries as an additional model range beside the well know WK50  - you have the choice.

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