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PFREUNDT GmbH listed in Lexicon of German World Market Leaders 2010

German companies are market leaders in one in every three global industry sectors. 750 of these companies have now for the first time been collected and compiled in a "Lexicon of German World Market Leaders". The more than 690-page reference book has been published by Dr. Florian Langenscheidt and Professor Dr. Bernd Venohr under "Deutsche Standards Editionen".

"It is once again very impressive to see that it is SMEs which form the foundations of Germany’s exporting success", says co-editor Dr. Florian Langenscheidt, who presented the Lexicon on the occasion of the First German World Market Leadership Congress.

The Lexicon offers a unique insight into the elite of German industry - from the automotive sector through renewable energies to pharmaceutical and medical technology. An eight-member, high-ranking advisory board with representatives from industrial associations, the media, research institutions and the financial sector worked together with the publishers to define the structure of the Lexicon and determine the selection of the content. The Federation of German Industries, Commerzbank’s Mittelstandsbank SME division, Germany - Land of Ideas, das “manager” magazine, VDI-Nachrichten as well as ADP Employer Services GmbH were partners in this publishing project.

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