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Wheel loader scales in 5 plants and on building sites networked for data exchange - weighing data transferred via GSM

Moderne Geschäftsabläufe in der Kies- und Sandgewinnung: Bei der Otto Dörner GmbH sind die Radladerwaagen an fünf Betriebsstätten datentechnisch vernetzt.

Flexibility and optimal efficiency in gravel and sand extraction using mobile weighing scales with the cutting edge data transfer.

Even in gravel and sand extraction, a very traditional branch of the extraction and primary industries, cutting edge data transfer technology is increasingly being used, resulting in considerable increases in production. This can be seen, for example at a company in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, where Pfreundt GmbH has networked the wheel loader scales at several sand and gravel pits for data transfer to head office.

Otto Dörner Kies und Umwelt Mecklenburg GmbH & Co. KG, based in Crivitz near Schwerin, operates several sand and gravel pits within a radius of about 50km. As a rule, the lorries are loaded using wheel loaders, fitted with one of Pfreundt's dynamic weighing systems.

In the course of the launch of Pfreundt's latest electronic weighing scale WK50, the existing wheel loader scales were adapted to fit the new model, before being converted to a system of data transfer via memory card. This has enabled data exchange between the wheel loader scales and the office PC, resulting in swifter and more economical recording of delivery data.

Step-by-step Conversion to GSM Data Transfer After Pfreundt had networked the vehicle and wheel loader scales via a GSM data transfer system at a total of 26 industrial premises at Rheinische Baustoffwerken GmbH in 2000, it was time for Dörner GmbH to consider equipping their existing mobile weighing scales with the same system. October 2001 saw the conversion of two shovel dozers and the installation and adaptation of the Pfreundt P.O.S. weighing data administration software used in Crivitz. After a thorough testing and training period, a further four wheel loaders were supplied with the new tech-nology in December 2001; six WK50D GSM systems are now in use at the com-pany's plants as well as on various building sites.

Access Databank as an Interface to the Goods Administration System
The Access databank serves as an interface between the Pfreundt software and the Windows-based in house goods administration system 'Nemetschek Building Software', enabling the exchange of master as well as delivery data. The transfer of data to and from the wheel loader takes places automatically overnight. This means that current weighing data is available each morning for processing.

Speedier Access to Weighing Data
For Dörner, conversion to the new technology also means central data capture and access at any time to weighing data already recorded. Furthermore, current cus-tomer data is always available at each respective wheel loader, enabling goods to be weighed quickly and easily.

Up to 4,000 t per day can be loaded with our wheel loader scales, equivalent to approx. 150 to160 weighing records. However, this number can vary as our mobile weighing systems are flexible in their use, e.g. when vehicle weighing scales are occupied. At the Tarzow gravel plant, goods are weighed using exclusively mobile technology; even the vehicle scales, currently operating with DOS software, transfer the weighing data over night to head office via the data line.

Advantages for the Production Industry and on Building Sites
The company secretary of Dörner GmbH, Gert Walther, says: "One of the main advantages of wheel loader scales with data transfer via the cell phone network is flexibility of these systems and the instant availability of the weighing data at head office. We are no longer exclusively reliant on stationary weighing systems and can weigh goods at any time of day. These systems have also proved particularly useful for a variety of uses on building sites, where we are increasingly being asked for weighed load certificates; the necessary data is always available on the spot. At the same time, the data is almost immediately accessible to head office for processing and invoicing."

Cutting edge business practices in gravel and sand extraction: at Otto Dörner GmbH the wheel loader scales at five operating sites are networked for data transfer.

Shovel dozers fitted with Pfreundt weighing scales WK 50 and a GSM connection exchange master and weighed goods data automatically with the office PC. This means that the driver always has the latest customer data and invoices can be pro-duced in the office immediately, with no transportation and recording of weighed load receipts.

From the office PC, Pfreundt's software 'organises' automatic, overnight data transfer with mobile weighing scales.

Contact: Otto Dörner Kies und Umwelt Mecklenburg GmbH & Co. KG, Telepho-ne: (03863) 5406-0, E-mail: kies@doerner.de

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