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Mobile Weighing Systems from PFREUNDT in Construction Machines

There are many advantages to PFREUNDT wheel loader scales: lorries are loaded precisely, detours to stationary scales are avoided, loads are calculated precisely, work processes are speeded up, material turnover is increased, and mistaken deliveries are avoided.

Thanks to wheel loader weighing systems, overloading, which is often connected with greater waste and not infrequently with fines, is now a thing of the past. For even if there is a stationary weighbridge at the gateway to the construction site or quarry, loaded lorries and articulated lorries do not have to return once again to dump out an overload.

The cab of the wheel loader is transformed into a mobile office: with the connection of a mobile radio modem, it can even be connected actively in data exchange with the office. This reduces the management effort required because additional (or repeated) manual data entry is no longer necessary. An invoice can be issued with the touch of a button on the very same day.

The PFREUNDT scale acquires the shovel weight dynamically during loading. In addition, thanks to patented sensors and measurement procedures, idle strokes are no longer necessary to warm up at the beginning of operation and after breaks.

To further increase the indisputable operational advantages, user-friendliness has been improved once again so that even inexperienced drivers and those who alternate frequently can understand it. Special attention was even paid to the periphery of the weighing system. With this is meant the additional, often very operator-specific utilisation of data, for example, different expressions, radio transmission to the operating computer for further processing of the weighing data, and the incorporation of satellite-supported GPS positioning. Thus the calibratable and GPS-compatible WK50 scale can be linked to load weights with geo references and if necessary, assigned to a respective extraction point.

As a leading manufacturer of weighing systems for construction machines with over 20 years experience in mobile weighing technologies, PFREUNDT GmbH of Südlohn offers a broad spectrum of mobile weighing systems including software. To this spectrum belong scales for mobile crushers, excavators, various removal vehicles, and also vehicle weighbridges and data processing programs on through to motor pool management.

Probably the best-known weighing system is the WK50, which is appropriate for all types of wheel loaders. Including the predecessor models, more than 10,000 WK50s have already been installed. The WK50 also delivers the core weighing technology for all other PFREUNDT systems including excavator scales, surface millers, and mobile crushers.

New Shovel Loader Scale WK50-S (Picture 2)
In the realm of wheel loader scales, PFREUNDT offers, in addition to the WK 33 non-calibratable load controller and the calibratable WK 50, its newest model, the WK 50-S. This modular weighing system enables cost-effective entry into calibratable weighing including receipt printing in the loader.

Based on the technology of the WK 50, the S-version does not include options such as interfaces for data transmission and special programs. The WK 50-S has master data memory for 5 x 25 entries (material, customer, truck, construction sites, and drivers), which can be printed on the bills of delivery if desired. The proven WK 50 also offers a larger master data memory and options for data exchange for processing in EDP, loading according to formulae, and commissioning. In addition, customer-specific special programs can be implemented. Thanks to the kit system, operators who decide for the WK 50-S can later upgrade to the WK 50 with all functions by exchanging the operating electronics, for example for exchanging data with the central office for quick further processing. All other elements such as sensors, printers, and calibration-relevant data remain untouched, so that no additional calibration is necessary.

In the future, both the WK 50-S and the WK 50 will be equipped with a new program which increases operating comfort and offers additional functions. To these belong quick selection and search terms, separate weighing of articulated lorries and trailers, cubic meter conversion, invoice production directly in the loader, and other functions.

Renowned construction machine manufacturers and dealers such as Volvo and Zeppelin Baumaschinen as the exclusive German dealer for Caterpillar recommend PFREUNDT weighing systems to their customers.

PFREUNDT Excavator Scale BGW-1 in Action (Picture 3)
In comparison to wheel loaders, weighing systems for excavators are seldom encountered these days. Despite this, however, excavators load waggons and lorries with scrap, recycling material, bulk cargoes such as sand, stone, gravel, and more every day. And as when loading with wheel loaders, it makes sense here too to significantly improve the loading of all these lorries and wagons. In addition, weighing systems in excavators can also benefit the environment, for better usage of transport capacity can save countless lorry trips and wait times at stationary scales and reduce fuel consumption and exhaust gases.

The electronics of the WK 50 are also used in the excavator scale, which offers the precision of Class III in connection with the special measurement element for two or multi-bowl grip arms and magnets. Calibrated in Class III or IIII, legally-valid bills of delivery can be created. Vehicle scales are thus superfluous. Appropriate scales are available in gradations for weighing capacities up to 100 t. The initial calibration of the BGW-1 is undertaken by PFREUNDT customer service.

Especially when loading containers and waggons, an excavator scale has many advantages. Without an excavator scale it often happens that containers prove to be too heavy on the stationary scale. Then the lorry must return to the loading point and the excavator removes the transport goods again -- a procedure that costs time and effort.

The Scale Under the Pit
PFREUNDT's dumper scale DW-1 with the core of the WK 50 can be used for break steering wheels or rigid dump trucks. Subsequent installation is easy. With the dumper scale, weight values and also trip times and lengths, loading and idle times are acquired for evaluation and logistical optimisation.

Millers Weigh Old Asphalt (Picture 4)
Cold milling, also called street milling, is not necessarily connected at first glance with weighing systems. But in the USA, several cold millers are already equipped with PFREUNDT weighing systems. Like wheel loaders and excavators, they load lorries day in and day out, but only with a weighing system can these lorries be filled precisely up to their maximum load. Costly overloading and inefficient underloading no longer occur.

The PFREUNDT conveyor belt scale BW-1 is used here. The BW-1 offers several advantages as compared to volumetric calculation of conveyor quantities using milling width, milling depth, and specific weight. Thus cutting performance can be gauged continuously as an objective mass flow measurement in tons or, for example, in t/h.
The PFREUNDT belt scale was designed specially for rough use in mobile crushers. It is maintenance-free, easy to use, and it works precisely. Thus there are new perspectives when milling and recycling old asphalt, especially if each lorry driver brings along a weighing report about the actual quantity of asphalt.

Picture 1:
mobile weighing systems in shovel loaders help save time and money and optimise work processes all the way through to the dispatching of invoices.

Picture 2: the new PFREUNDT shovel loader scale WK 50-S, for cost-effective entry into calibratable weighing.

Picture 3: the PFREUNDT excavator scale also saves material turnover -- for recycling material and bulk cargo - for better work processes and reduced costs.

Picture 4: in street milling, the PFREUNDT conveyor belt scale ensures optimal lorry usage, cost reduction, and a reduction of the liability risk. The BW-1 corrects its weight calculations automatically for varying ascending and descending conveyor belt angles.

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