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PFREUNDT belt scales in the road construction in the USA

New represantative introduces scale to the road construction companies
The American scale company, Brechbuhler Scales, Inc., has been utilizing a unique product manufactured by Pfreundt GmbH of Südlohn, Germany. Brechbuhler has been introducing the Pfreundt BW-1 belt scale to road construction companies across the USA.

There have been many attempts of manufacturers of mobile milling machines to produce a scale that determines accurately the weight of the material passing over the belt when milling old road surfaces. None have been able to work because of varying angles of operation. The prior attempts have simply not been able to hold calibration. The Pfreundt BW 1 belt scale has solved this dilemma.

Successful installations confirm the precision
Brechbuhler has had success installing the BW-1 on both Wirtgen and American-made Roadtec milling machines. The biggest obstacle that Brechbuhler has faced has been suspicious customers. Most construction companies have tried to install products that have tried to achieve what the Pfreundt product is capable of, but they all have failed. Word is beginning to spread that the belt scale is capable of performing up to customer expectations, but there is still much work to be done in that regard.

Improved output, cost-cutting and limited liability
American road construction companies have two primary reasons for installing the weighing equipment. First, they are able to fully load the trucks at the site to maximize their output while minimizing the number of truck runs. This is especially important in congested, high-traffic areas and remote locations where a great distance must be traveled by each truck. An-other selling point is to limit the liability a company can potentially face in American courts. If a truck were to be loaded over the legal limit and cause damage to another party, the com-pany responsible for loading the truck could very well be responsible for damages.

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