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PFREUNDT celebrates its Anniversary

25 years of mobile weighing systems
Over the past 25 years, the name Pfreundt has become synonymous with quality mobile weighing systems for use in extraction, disposal and recycling. Pfreundt has become a successful worldwide concern, and with well over 10,000 of its weighing systems in use, has established itself as a key player in this field - particularly with regard to wheel loader scales.

The advantages of mobile weighing technology are several: it enables the accurate loading of lorries, ballast wagons etc. , avoids travel to stationary weighing scales, the precise weight of loads can be calculated, production speed and the volume of deliveries can be increased and unnecessary levies avoided.

At Pfreundt, the most modern and practical technology is based on customer focus and continual development. Development, sales, installation and last but not least, comprehensive service for mobile weighing systems, specialised solutions, the necessary software and data transfer systems are the core components of our company.

Thus, today our extensive product range covers weighing systems for almost all mobile uses, communication needs and DV software in extraction and mining.

[Picture 1: Pfreundt's extensive range of: weighing systems for almost all uses, data transfer and PC software in various forms]

Pfreundt employees are well known by our customers worldwide, as well as by dealers and equipment manufacturers, as specialists in their field and highly competent representatives. Pfreundt's own service bases in Germany and our trained international representatives ensure highly competent service provision for our customers.

[Picture 2: The product range is enhanced by comprehensive service]

New storage media for data exchange:
Making an appearance for the first time at Bauma is Pfreundt 's new "memobox", a memory system for data exchange between the mobile weighing scale WK 50 and the office PC. It is most effective when used where wheel loaders and office are located in the same place. It supplements alternative methods of data transfer using radio and GSM, which are particularly used for longer distances or more frequent data exchange.
The memobox replaces the memory card and possesses a larger storage capacity. Furthermore, additional recording instruments/reading devices are no longer needed on the weighing scales or PC.

[Picture 3: The memobox from Pfreundt enables additional data transfer possibilities and supercedes the memory card]

New software for mobile weighing scales and PC:
Visitors to BAUMA from the construction vehicle and extraction industry will also have the opportunity to see our new programs for the electronic weighing scale WK 50 and the latest PC software P.O.S. (Pfreundt Office Software) presented for the first time.

With its expanded functions (e.g. for use with the memo box), the redesigned programs are aimed at providing even better operation and functionality.

Thus, as well as simplified, intuitive usage, it also enables functions such as the separate weighing of traction engines and trailers, the conversion of weight into cubic metres right up to loading in accordance with specific requirements and weighing orders straight onto the scales.

[Picture 4: The weighing electronics WK 50 is at the heart of Pfreundt's weighing systems � presented at Bauma with new software]

New conveyor belt weighing scale BW-2 and PC-visualisation:

Pfreundt will be also be presenting its new conveyor belt weighing scale
BW-2 at Bauma. Similarly intended for mobile usage, this completely new system is designed with the reduced amount of space in today's increasingly compact conveyor belts in mind.

[Picture 5: The new conveyor belt scale BW-2 is extra flat and so fits into the smallest spaces in most conveyor belt constructions]

This weighing scale has been specially designed to fit between the feed rollers and can also be easily installed after production.

The BW-2 and its predecessor have been successfully used in mobile crusher and screening plants, in road rolling, surface mines and harvesting machinery as well as stationary belts.

[Picture 6: Mobile applications such as road milling equipment, surface mines, mobile crushers and screening plants are the main areas of usage for the BW-2] Accurate measurement in mobile usage is achieved by optimal checking of varying conveyor belt angles. These varying angles result from the changing installation locations of the machines, adjustable conveyor belts and, in vehicles in particular, through the varying gradations of the road.

The redesigned software for the weighing electronic WK 50 is also used in conveyor belt scales. It can now also measure several belts at the same time by means of CAN-bus and the CAN weighing module.

Alternatively, Pfreundt now offers a system with the PC program "CWM conveyor belt scale" for visualising several belts at the same time.

New radio module for the second generation of skip container vehicle scales and crane scales

The latest presentation of the patented, wireless skip container vehicle scales benefits from various improvements. Particularly worthy of note is the calibratable data transfer between measurement elements on the dumper truck arms and the scales technology in the driver's cabin, for which two free alternative radio frequencies are now available. The advantages of this weighing scale and benefits to the operator and end-user have recently been confirmed by a customer survey carried out by the Munster University for Applied Science.

Also new is the fact that the scales can delivered ready-calibrated ex-works, which means only a minimal time delay before the customer can begin using the equipment: measurement weights no longer need to be brought to the customer and even the adjustment and calibration can now be carried out beforehand. And because no time-consuming connecting up of cables is necessary, the scales can now be installed and put to use in a minimum time frame.

[Picture 7: Skip container truck with patented Pfreundt scales ASK-2]

New systems for vehicle construction and ballast weighing, class III

New construction scales ABW-3, calibratable class III, for HGVs with solid superstructures

Pfreundt presents the construction scale ABW-3 with its new design, new load cells and new software for electronic weighing. It has four load cells, which can be installed between body and chassis, a tendency measurement system and weighing electronic scale with printer in the driver's cabin. The system is completed by data transfer options and DV-software.

[Picture 8: The new ABW-3 for fixed bodies on a completely new concept]

New fill weighing scale

The fill weighing system is another of our new products. In response to the increasing demand for such equipment, Pfreundt is now offering a weighing scale to be built into rotating discharge facilities of disposal vehicles. For smaller container sizes, this is an alternative to the construction scale, as it is easier to install.

[Picture 9: For attached fill systems Pfreundt now offers a new scale]

As with all our other systems, here too, the weighing electronics WK 50 is at its core. Alongside the storage and printing of measurement and master data, the electronics offer interfaces for data exchange between scales and office PC to enable further processing.

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