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Cut your costs

Standard equipment with the new BW-2 S. Pre-installed units and pre-sized cables with plug connections make self-installation simple.
The brief installation instructions for the BW-2 S describe the correct installation of the scales in a clear manner.
The new weighing electronics of the BW-2 S. The scales is easily calibrated by inputting a few belt parameters.

The newly developed conveyor belt scales for static conveyor belts enable self-installation by the user and thus help to reduce costs. 

Pfreundt GmbH from Südlohn has been a specialist for weighing systems for collection and disposal for more than 25 years. Over 6000 clients in Germany alone are covered by the Company’s own tight network of advisors and service staff. Partner companies provide advice, sales support and customer services abroad. 

The range of services was now expanded to include the new conveyor-belt scales BW-2 S for fixed conveyor belts. Cost reduction also played an important role in its development. “Many of our clients are trying to save money at the moment and we would like to help them to reduce costs”, says Sales Manager Dirk Fuchtmann. For this reason the important characteristics such as self-installation and calibration by the client and the electronic systems are fitted for this purpose. Even in tough conditions it provides precision and reliability to ensure that no materials are wasted. 

The belt speedometer that is included as standard directly on the belt is also for this purpose as it prevents errors caused by the belt slipping on turning or drive rollers. The new weighing electronics is also used, the functionality of which was specially designed for this use. 

The first systems in the new conveyor-belt scale has already been installed and has shown convincing performance both in Germany and abroad. Besides exact measurement the system of course also had to prove the functionality of its customer friendly self-installation and calibration using the clear instructions. The results were very respectable: the new conveyor-belt scales kept their promise. The installation and calibration was quick and simple thanks to the pre-installed weighing frame and the pre-sized plug-in cables. The weights were checked with a second scale and precise results were confirmed. 

Avilun Oy, a Finnish crane rental company and operators of a quarry near Helsinki, has successful installed the first BW-2 S in a conveyor belt. “The scales was very easy to install and operate – making these the perfect scale for our operations”, says Börje Fjäder, Senior Proprietor of Avilun Oy.

It is not only the Finnish representative of the Südlohn Company, who followed the installation of the first scales in his own country, sees a good future for the new conveyor-belt scale. The positive resonance and the enquiries from both clients and foreign representatives confirm this new conveyor belt concept. 

The BW-2 S rounds off the manufacturer’s range of conveyor belt scales. There are also systems for mobile applications such as mobile crusher or screening systems, for road milling and beet loading machines. The standard weighing electronics WK 50 offers many possibilities- from the evaluation of several conveyor belts to remote data transfer. The new PC solution ‘CWM conveyor-belt scales’ makes process visualisation possible. Up to eight conveyor belts with CAN weighing modules can then be reliably monitored, controlled and evaluated.

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